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A probabilistic concept of load assessment of self-ignition engines


A proposal of probabilistic interpretation of loading process of self-ignition combustion engines, was presented. Probabilistic description of loading the engines was proposed with taking into account known parameters (indices) of their operation. It was demonstrated that instantaneous load of such engines can be considered a random variable. Attention was paid to the fact that the load can be taken as a multi-dimensional random variable. Engine load changes during its operation were considered as the loading process and presented in the form of a multi-dimensional stochastic process whose states are loads considered to be random variables. It was demonstrated that the loading process can be taken as the stochastic one of asymptotically independent incements, stationary and ergodic. Justification of the above mentioned features of the loading process is contained in the presented hypotheses. It was also demonstrated that in testing the load process of self-ignition engines stochastic relation between thermal and mechanical loading should be taken into account.


hypothesis, load, self-ignition engine, stochastic process


Vol. 15 No. 2(56) (2008)
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Author Biography

Jerzy Girtler,
Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology


Jerzy Girtler

Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology

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