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How to submit manuscript

To submit a new paper to our journal:

  1. Login or Register on the PMR journal website.
  2. Read our Guidelines for Authors for preparation of your manuscript.
  3. Make a new submission.

During the online procedure, you will be asked to provide:

  • the manuscript title - please use UPPERCASE LETTERS (obligatory); - please check that the body text do not contain Authors’ names or affiliations
  • cover letter – please introduce your work to the Editor and explain why the manuscript will be of interest to a journal's readers; assure the Editor that the manuscript is original and there are no conflicts of interest that would affect the decision to publish your manuscript; inform the Editor that the manuscript was checked and certificated by editing and proofreading services (if any)
  • manuscript attachment file(s) if it is necessary - please submit files (figures, tables captions etc.)
  • abstract - the text of the abstract should range from 150 – 250 words (obligatory)
  • list of contributors in the following sequence:
    • Given name and Family name (obligatory)
    • salutations, middle names and suffixes can be added here if you would like (not obligatory)
    • Contact i.e. email address (obligatory)
    • Country - please choose your country from the drop down box (obligatory)
    • ORCID ID - your ORCID iD is a unique, open digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher with the same or a similar name to you; to access your ORCID record, please visit the ORCID Registry at:
    • Affiliation – please assign name of the university and name faculty or department (obligatory); affiliations must be published in Roman script to allow rapid, accurate indexing, and easy comprehension by our global users

To add next Author, please push button ‘Add contributor’. The order of the Authors can be arranged according to their significant scientific contribution to the work

  • keywords - please select 3 to 5 key words (or phrases) that describe the content of the paper – from general to particular (obligatory)
  • reviewer preferences - (not obligatory) Authors may suggest at least two independent Reviewers who are outside the parent unit represented by Author(s), at the same time at least one of the Reviewers should be affiliated with a foreign institution, different than the nationality of the Author(s) of this manuscript. Moreover, they should be expert in the area of the scientific text and their rank should be proven by significant scientific achievements (minimum 2 publications available to the public: Scopus, Web of Science, etc.). Please provide us: Name and Surname, Affiliation and Email Address
  • correspondence Author (choice) - mark button if this Author is the Corresponding Author