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A probabilistic concept of assessment of amount of noxious substances contained in exhaust gas emitted from self-ignition engines


A probabilistic concept of toxicity assessment of exhaust gas emitted from self-ignition engines was presented. Without such assessment it is not possible to determine pro-ecological merits of various transport means driven by self-ignition engines, including inland waterways passenger ships. In the concept a model of starting-up process of self-ignition engines was taken into consideration. The model was presented in the form of a semi-Markovian process, discrete in states and continuous during service. The states of the process are : the cold engine state (s1), warm engine state (s2) and hot engine state (s3). It made it possible to determine probabilities of the starting-up of engines from its particular states. For determination of mass of noxious substances contained in exhaust gas it is necessary to know the probabilities. Usefulness of the model in assessing amount of the noxious substances results from that during the starting-up of such engines many noxious substances are produced.


engine start-up, self-ignition engine, noxious substance


Vol. 13 No. S2 (2006)
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Jerzy Girtler

Gdańsk University of Technology

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