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Designing engine rooms of new generation ships realized within the framework of European research projects EUREKA - chosen questions


Importance of reliability and safety in the operation phase of engine rooms has been proven. A concept of designing engine rooms taking into consideration their reliability, safety of functioning as well as ecological features has been proposed. The need for as well as the main principles of carrying out empirical research in particular ship design stages have been introduced. Possibilities of the use of the semi-Markov theory in designing engine rooms have been justified. Possibilities of formulation and importance of hypothesis in scientific research related to engine rooms of sea going and inland ships depending on their particular specific features have been introduced. Examples of such hypothesis and their verification methods have been given. Possibilities of the use of semi-Markov processes in optimization of the ship operation have been signalled.


ship power plant, sea-going ship, reliability and safety, design, semi-Markovian process


Vol. 11 No. S1 (2004)
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Jerzy Girtler

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