Journals - MOST Wiedzy


Scope of Journal

The scope of the journal covers selected issues related to:

  • offshore floating and fixed structures and their components such as:
    • all types of vessels and their equipment
    • fixed and floating offshore units and their components
    • autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and remotely operated vehicle (ROV)
  • phases of their lifecycle and corresponding technologies such as:
    • concept development
    • design
    • production and manufacturing
    • use and maintenance
    • decommissioning and recycling

The offshore floating and fixed structures include:

  • offshore floating and fixed drilling and production platforms
  • offshore floating and fixed wind farms
  • offshore wave energy extraction technologies
  • foundation engineering
  • underwater components (risers, cables and moorings)
  • infrastructure elements (pipelines and pipeline terminals)

We welcome submissions from these fields in the following technical topics (but not limited to:):

  • ship hydrodynamics: buoyancy and stability, ship resistance and propulsion, etc.
  • structural integrity of ship and offshore unit structures: materials, welding, fatigue and fracture, etc.
  • marine equipment: ship and offshore unit power plants, overboarding equipment, etc.