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Determination of optimum hull form for passenger car ferry with regard to its sea-keeping qualities and additional resistance in waves


This paper presents a method which makes it possible to determine optimum hull form of passenger car ferry with regard to selected sea-keeping qualities and additional resistance in waves. In the first phase of investigations a hull form characterized by the highest qualities was selected from the list of similar ships. Next, its optimum dimension ratios were determined. Design criteria were formulated by using a method based on deterministic scenarios, but objective functions of partial targets were determined in the form of artificial neural networks. To select the best design variants elements of fuzzy logic were used, that made it possible a.o. to show merits of the design by means of linguistic variables. Such approach made it possible to find the best hull form and its dimensions from the point of view of all considered criteria simultaneously.


sea-keeping qualities, roll-on-roll-off ferry ship, rolling, transverse accelerations, vertical accelerations, motion sickness index, additional resistance in waves, ship hull form, ship design parameters, artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic


Vol. 15 No. 2(56) (2008)
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Tomasz Cepowski

Maritime University of Szczecin, Institute of Marine Navigation

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