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Modelling of seakeeping qualities of open-top container carriers in the preliminary design phase


In this paper are presented problems of modelling seakeeping qualities of open-top container carriers in the preliminary design phase. Approximations of accelerations and occurrence rate of green water ingress to holds are presented in function of main ship design and wave parameters. The approximations have been elaborated by applying theory of artificial neural networks in the wide range of ship hull dimensions and forms, while ship motion and wave parameters have been limited to real operational conditions described by means of the so called operational scenario. Such approach has made it possible to reach high accuracy of approximation and simple structure of mathematical model simulatneously.


open-deck container carrier, designing, preliminary design phase, seakeeping qualities, green water entering the deck, green water ingress to holds, vertical accelerations, transverse accelerations, main ship hull dimensions, artificial neural networks


Vol. 18 No. 2(69) (2011)
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Tomasz Cepowski

Maritime University of Szczecin, Institute of Marine Navigation

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