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Supporting navigator’s decisions by visualizing ship collision risk


The paper introduces a visualization method that enables the navigator to estimate an encounter situation and choose collision avoidance manoeuvre, if necessary. It is based on the Collision Threat Parameters Area method and offers new features: fuzzy sectors of forbidden speed and course values, the possibility to use any given ship domain and a new formula of collision risk assessment. All these elements result in a method, which enables the navigator to differentiate between varying levels of risk and to point out the direct threats. The method is fast enough to be applied in the real-time decision support system.


ARPA display, collision avoidance manoeuvres, collision risk, navigation


Vol. 16 No. 1(59) (2009)
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Author Biography

Rafał Szłapczyński,
Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


  • Rafał Szłapczyński

    Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Roman Śmierzchalski

    Gdynia Maritime University, Faculty of Marine Engineering

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