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A general concept of design procedure for floating docks regarding their reliability, safety and ecological aspects


In this paper is presented a concept of design procedure, and problems resulting from it, for floating docks with a view of taking into account their reliability and operational safety. It has been stressed that such design procedure is necessary for ensuring the docks appropriate pro-ecological features. It has been also shown that the design procedure should have several stages. The following kinds of design stages have been proposed to be accounted for: offer (canvassing) design, contract (ordered) design, concept (study) design, preliminary design, technical (classification) design and working design as well as the stage of elaboration of technical operational (delivery-acceptance) documentation. Knowledge areas necessary for such design procedure have been indicated. Attention has been also drawn to the necessity of accounting for, in designing the floating docks, diagnostic systems suitable to aid operational decision making.


safety, floating dock, reliability, design procedure


Vol. 12 No. S1 (2005)
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Jerzy Girtler

Gdańsk University of Technology

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