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Performance and Emission Modelling and Simulation of Marine Diesel Engines using Publicly Available Engine Data


To analyse the behaviour of marine diesel engines in unsteady states for different purposes, for example to determine the fuel consumption or emissions level, to adjust the control strategy, to manage the maintenance, etc., a goal-based mathematical model that can be easily implemented for simulation is necessary. Such a model usually requires a wide range of operating data, measured on a test stand. This is a time-consuming process with high costs and the relevant data are not available publicly for a selected engine. The present paper delivers a rapid and relatively simple method for preparing a simulation model of a given marine diesel engine, based only on the widely available data in the project guides indicated for steady state conditions. After establishing the framework of the mathematical model, it describes how the parameters of the model can be adjusted for the simulation model and how the results can be verified as well. Conceptually, this is a trial and error method, but the presented case example makes clear how the parameters can be selected to reduce the number of trials and quickly determine the model parameters. The necessary descriptions are given through a case study, which is the MAN-B&W 8S65ME-C8 marine diesel engine. The engine is assumed to be connected to a constant pitch propeller. The presented mathematical model is a mean-value zero-dimensional type with seven state variables. The other variables of the engine are determined based on the state independent variables and the input value, which is the fuel rate. The paper can be used as a guideline to prepare a convenient mathematical model for simulation, with the minimum publicly available data.


Marine diesel engine, Mathematical model, Mean-Value Model, Simulation of ship propulsion system


Vol. 28 No. 4(112) (2021)
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Mohammad Hossein Ghaemi

Gdańsk University of Technology

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