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The predictions of resistance and propulsion for 4 types of ships


In this paper the predictions of resistance and propulsion for 4 types of ships: container carrier, oil product tanker, ro-ro vessel and river-sea vessel included in the EUREKA „Baltecologicalship" project E12772 are presented. All the above ships were designed by the SINUS Enterprise Ltd. The scope of the research covers: experimental measurement of ship resistance in calm water, determination of resistance increment in irregular waves and computational powering prediction for POD propulsors. The experiments were conducted in the Laboratory of the Department of Underwater Technology, Hydromechanics and Design of Ships, Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology, Gdańsk University of Technology.


model tests, ship resistance in calm water, ship resistance in irregular waves, POD propulsors


Vol. 11 No. S1 (2004)
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  • Edmund Brzoska

  • Mirosław Grygorowicz

  • Andrzej Rogalski

  • Janusz Stasiak

  • Jan Szantyr

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