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Numerical analysis of influence of ship hull form modification on ship resistance and propulsion characteristics Part I Influence of hull form modification on ship resistance characteristics


After signing ship building contract shipyard’s design office orders performance of ship resistance and propulsion model tests aimed at, apart from resistance measurements, also determination of ship speed, propeller rotational speed and propulsion engine power for the designed ship, as well as improvement of its hull form, if necessary. Range of ship hull modifications is practically very limited due to cost and time reasons. Hence numerical methods, mainly CFD ones are more and more often used for such tests. In this paper consisted of 3 parts, are presented results of numerical calculations of hull resistance, wake and efficiency of propeller operating in non-homogenous velocity field, performed for research on 18 hull versions of B573 ship designed and built by Szczecin Nowa Shipyard.


ship hull geometry, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), resistance, wake, propeller efficiency


Vol. 16 No. 4(62) (2009)
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  • Tadeusz Szelangiewicz

    West Pomeranian University of Technology, Faculty of Marine Technology
  • Tomasz Abramowski

    West Pomeranian University of Technology, Faculty of Marine Technology

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