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Detection of ferromagnetic objects in local magnetic anomaly of the Baltic Sea


In geological researches several kinds of methods are applied to discovering the natural resources. Planes, helicopters and UAVs (UnmAnned Vehicle) are used in researches in large areas. The gravity, electromagnetic and magnetic methods, which are used in geological researches, are presented in this paper. The special attention was paid to magnetic systems installed on mobile platforms. The magnetic field of the Earth obtained from mathematical model was compared to the real magnetic field in the selected part of the Baltic Sea. The results of the calculations showed that the mathematical model of the Earth’s magnetic field does not consider local magnetic anomalies. The strong local magnetic anomalies cause serious problems with detection of underwater objects. Special problems appear in the magnetic system on a helicopter, which are presented in this paper.


geological researches, gravity, electromagnetic, magnetic methods


Vol. 15 No. 2(56) (2008)
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Mirosław Wołoszyn

Gdansk University of Technology, Electrical and Control Engineering

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