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Gdansk Bay sea bed sounding and classification of its results


The main goal of this paper is to describe the results of sounding the Gdansk Bay sea bed by using a SES-2000 Standard parametric sub-bottom profiler. Quality of data obtained during trials depends inter alia on a proper location of transducer array to reduce influence of pitch, roll and heave motions as well as ship self noise (resulting from bubbles due to propeller and flow around hull, vibration generated by main engine and auxiliary devices). Furthermore, calibration of complementary units such as GPS, heading sensor, MRU-Z motion sensor and navigation devices make sea-bed investigating system capable of working with its whole capability. Results of so prepared surveys have been presented and discussed. They contain also an elaborated map of Gdansk Bay with preliminarily classified sea-bed materials and description of most interesting areas.


sea bed sounding, parametric sub-bottom profiler, sea bed structure


Vol. 20 No. 3(79) (2013)
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  • Grażyna Grelowska

    Polish Naval Academy
  • Eugeniusz Kozaczka

    Polish Naval Academy; Gdansk University of Technology
  • Sławomir Kozaczka

    Polish Naval Academy
  • Wojciech Szymczak

    Polish Naval Academy

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