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An analysis of the welding-induced deformation of ship panels using a statistical tool


This paper proposes a practical way to predict the welding-induced deformation of 5-mm-thick steel ship panels prefabricated in a Polish shipyard, developed by means of a number of experiments and a body of data collected on the butt welding line using the submerged arc welding technique. The program of the experiments was so designed as to test different welding energy conditions as well as pressure values generated by the devices used during the welding. Subsequently, different welding trials were carefully carried out and data collected to find the most important parameters which contribute to welding deformation. The data obtained were analysed using the Design-Expert® statistical software, and consideration was given to the data arrangement method that would allow for the most appropriate description of the welding deformation. As a result of the foregoing efforts, an approach to predicting the welding deformation, based on a numerical equation including the main welding parameters, was developed. The accuracy of the equation was partially evaluated and the results turned out to be satisfactory, as the actual and the predicted values were comparable. Another important advantage achieved was the arrangement of data used to compute the welding deformation.


ship production technology, welding deformation, design of experiment, statistics


Vol. 20 No. 2(78) (2013)
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  • Huggo S. Batista

    West Pomeranian University of Technology, Faculty of Maritime Technology and Transportation
  • Tadeusz Graczyk

    West Pomeranian University of Technology, Faculty of Maritime Technology and Transportation

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