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Diagnostic Information Analysis of Quickly Changing Temperature of Exhaust Gas from Marine Diesel Engine Part I Single Factor Analysis


In this paper, attention was paid to the problem of low controllability of marine medium- and high-speed engines during operation, which significantly limits the parametric diagnosis. The measurement of quickly changing temperature of engine exhaust gas was proposed, the courses of which can be a source of diagnostic information. The F statistic of the Fisher-Snedecor distribution was chosen as a statistical tool. Laboratory tests were carried out on the bench of a Farymann Diesel engine. The tests consisted of introducing the real changes in the constructional structure of the considered functional systems of the engine. Three changed parameters for the structure were reviewed: the active cross-sectional area of the inlet air channel, injector opening pressure and compression ratio. Based on the recorded plots of the quick-changing temperatures of the exhaust gases, three diagnostic measures were defined and subjected to statistical tests. The following data were averaged over one cycle for a 4-stroke piston engine operation, (1) the peakto-peak value of the exhaust gas temperature, (2) the specific enthalpy of the exhaust gas, and (3) the rate of increase and decrease in the values for the quick-changing exhaust gas temperature. In this paper will present results of the first stage of the elimination study: the one-factor statistical analysis (randomised complete plan). The next part will present the results of the second stage of studies: two-factor analysis (block randomised plan), where the significance of the effect of changing the values of the structure parameters on the diagnostic measures was analysed in the background of a variable engine load.


marine diesel engine, exhaust gas temperature, diagnostic information, F-statistic of Fisher-Snedecor distribution


Vol. 28 No. 4(112) (2021)
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Patrycja Puzdrowska

Gdańsk University of Technology

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