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Viscoelastic unsteady lubrication of radial slide journal bearing at impulsive motion


This paper presents an analytical solution of velocity components of unsymmetrical oil flow and pressure distribution in radial journal bearing gap for hydrodynamic unsteady lubrication with viscoelastic oil. Numerical calculations are performed in Mathcad II Professional Program, with taking into account the method of finite differences. This method satisfies stability conditions of numerical solutions of partial differential equations and values of capacity forces occurring in cylindrical bearings. Exact calculations of pressure in journal bearing and its load capacity may be useful to prevent from premature wear tribological units of self ignition engines, especially those applied in ships.


viscoelastic unsteady lubrication, analytical and numerical calculation, capacity forces, hydrodynamic pressure


Vol. 11 No. 2(40) (2004)
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Andrzej Miszczak

Gdynia Maritime University, Faculty of Marine Engineering

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