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Results of acoustic emission tests of corrosion protection degree of ship steel tanks covered by means of protective coatings (Phase I)


This paper presents methods and results of the 1st series of tests of acoustic emission (AE) signals, aimed at assessing degree of corrosion protection of a tank made of hull structural steel, protected by means of a protective coating combined from polyurethane layer and concrete filler. The tests were carried out in compliance with a method specially elaborated for application to the work in question. In the method were used requirements of the standards in force, as well as experience gained during realization of the research project CORRSHIP, included in 5th Frame Program of European Union. The application of the AE method to detect and localize corrosion sources during exposure of specimens to corrosive mixture confirmed its high usefulness for the carried-out tests on corrosion protection effectiveness of new types of protective coatings.


protective coatings, ship tanks, corrosion, acoustic emission


Vol. 15 No. S1 (2008)
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  • Henryk Bugłacki

    Gdańsk University of Technology
  • Piotr Eichert

    Gdańsk University of Technology

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