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Evaluation of losses in a hydraulic motor based on the SWSB - 63 motor tests


In this paper are compared two models of energy losses: that suggested by Prof. Paszota, Z. in monograph “Energy losses in the hydraulic displacement motors – definitions and relations serving the evaluation of the efficiency of hydrostatic drive” [18] and that of Prof. Balawender, A. in “Energy analysis and methodology of testing of low-speed hydraulic motors” [1]. By using the data obtained from the tests of SWSB-63 hydraulic motors [2] the graphs which illustrate mechanical, volumetric and pressure losses in function of the parameters on which the losses directly depend [18 ], have been elaborated and showed in comparison with the description of such losses in function of the parameters assumed in [1]. The below presented text has been complemented in relation to that published in the monograph [4] and read during the scientific technical conference „Cylinder 2010” organized by the Mining Engineering Centre „Komag”, Gliwice, and held on 20÷22 September 2010 in Rytro, Poland.


hydrostatic drive and control, energy efficiency, power of energy losses


Vol. 17 No. 4(67) (2010)
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Agnieszka Maczyszyn

Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology

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