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Exhaust gas temperature measurements in diagnostic examination of naval gas turbine engines Part II Unsteady processes


The second part of the article presents the results of operating diagnostic tests of a two- and three-shaft engine with a separate power turbine during the start-up and acceleration of the rotor units. Attention was paid to key importance of the correctness of operation of the automatic engine load control system, the input for which, among other signals, is the rate of increase of the exhaust gas flow temperature. The article presents sample damages of the engine flow section which resulted from disturbed functioning of this system. The unsteady operation of the compressor during engine acceleration was the source of excessive increase of the exhaust gas temperature behind the combustion chamber and partial burning of the turbine blade tips.


technical diagnostics, naval turbine engines, exhaust gas temperature, unsteady processes, unstable compressor operation, partial blade tip burning


Vol. 18 No. 3(70) (2011)
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Zbigniew Korczewski

Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology

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