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Game control methods in avoidance of ships collisions


The paper introduces application of selected methods of a game theory for automation of the processes of moving marine objects, the game control processes in marine navigation and the base mathematical model of game ship control. State equations, control and state constraints have been defined first and then control goal function in the form of payments – the integral payment and the final one. Multi-stage positional and multi-step matrix, non-cooperative and cooperative, game and optimal control algorithms in a collision situation has been presented. The considerations have been illustrated as an examples of a computer simulations mspg.12 and msmg.12 algorithms to determine a safe own ship’s trajectory in the process of passing ships encountered in Kattegat Strait.


marine navigation, safety at sea, safe ship control, optimal control, differential games, positional games, matrix games, computer simulation


Vol. 19 No. S1 (74) (2012)
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Józef Lisowski,
Gdynia Maritime University, Faculty of Marine Electrical Engineering


Józef Lisowski

Gdynia Maritime University, Faculty of Marine Electrical Engineering

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