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Processing data on sea bottom structure obtained by means of the parametric sounding


The aim of the paper is to analyze data obtained during sounding the Gdansk Bay sea bed by means of the parametric echo-sounder. The accuracy of the sea bottom structure investigation needs correct configuration of research equipment and proper calibration of peripheral devices (GPS, heading sensor, MRU-Z motion sensor and navigation instruments which provide necessary data to bathymetrical measurement system, enabling its work with full capability. The parametric sub-bottom profiler delivers two types of data which include different information: envelope and pure echo signal sampled without processing. The first is used to present echograms in real time and the second one is stored during sounding and the obtained data can be analyzed by using post-processing software. Differences in the results are presented and discussed. And, are described also criteria taken into account during determination of the measurement areas and selection of different configurations of the software according to the information to be obtained from trials. Complementary information can be achieved from processing the data by means of the procedures offered by Matlab software, which allows for a clear 3D presentation of the results. The consideration are illustrated by echograms taken in the natural conditions.


sea bottom acoustic, sub-bottom profiler, sea bed structure


Vol. 19 No. 4(75) (2012)
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  • Eugeniusz Kozaczka

    Polish Naval Academy; Gdansk University of Technology
  • Grażyna Grelowska

    Polish Naval Academy
  • Sławomir Kozaczka

    Polish Naval Academy
  • Wojciech Szymczak

    Polish Naval Academy

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