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How to submit manuscript


Please carefully enter of Authors’ data in the Order Author Names (common methods for establishing author order lists: relative contribution or alphabetical list of Surnames).

It is not possible to change the order Author Names once the manuscript has been submitted.

If you are not the first Author, delete your data from the first fields: Author, Affiliation and Address and fill them with the data of the first Author. Follow with entering remaining Authors' data in the correct order.

The manuscript can only be submitted by one of its Authors.

Please upload your manuscript following the on-screen instructions.

During the submission process, you will be asked to provide:

  • the title of paper - please use UPPERCASE LETTERS
  • first, middle names and last name (surname) for each author - Names will need to be written in English Latin letters. To add next Author, please push button ‘Add author’
  • email address for each Author
  • correspondence Author (choice) - mark button with circle if this Author is the Corresponding Author
  • affiliation(s) details - please assign affiliation of each Author e.g. for primary affiliation write 1 etc.
  • abstract - the text of the abstract should range from 150 – 250 words
  • key words - please select 3 to 5 key words (or phrases) that describe the content of the paper – from  general to particular, and facilitate online paper searches
  • manuscript text file - please check that the body text do not contain Authors’ names or affiliations
  • manuscript attachment file(s) if it is necessary - please submit figure files (pictures, charts, diagrams, drawings etc.) as attachments
  • independent Reviewers – Authors may suggest at least two independent Reviewers who are outside the parent unit represented by Author(s), at the same time at least one of the Reviewers should be affiliated with a foreign institution, different than the nationality of the Author(s) of this manuscript.
    Moreover, they should be expert in the area of the scientific text and their rank should be proven by significant scientific achievements (minimum 2 publications available to the public: Scopus, Web of Science, etc).
    Please provide us: Name and Surname, Affiliation and Email Address
  • groups of reviewers (choice)
  • cover letter – please introduce your work to the Editor and explain why the manuscript will be of interest to a journal's readers; assure the Editor that the manuscript is original and there are no conflicts of interest that would affect the decision to publish your manuscript; inform the Editor that the manuscript was checked and certificated by editing and proofreading services (if any)


  • to submit your manuscript – please push button ‘Add manuscript’
  • to check your submissions – please push button ‘Manuscripts’

To read files with Reviewer(s) comments and recommendations – please push button ‘Review files’ in the page ‘Information about manuscript’.