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How to submit review

Please submit your review following the on-screen instructions (after login).

During the submission process, you will be asked to provide:

  • ‘Manuscript Review Form’ file – Please upload ‘Manuscript Review Form’ in the page ‘Information about manuscript’ — part ‘Review files’.

Please note that, if present, we ask you to include Highlights in the reviewed manuscript.

  • ‘Reviewed manuscript text’ file with parts highlighted in any colour (if any) – Please upload the manuscript text file in the page ‘Information about manuscript’ — part ‘Attachments’.
  • your recommendation to Editor – Please assign your recommendation from several possibilities:
    • Accept
    • Minor revision
    • Major revision
    • Reject


  • to submit ‘Manuscript Review Form’ and ‘Reviewed manuscript text’ – Please push the button ‘Send review’.
  • to check your submissions – Please push the button ‘Finished reviews’ in the page ‘Information about manuscript’.